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What Is GetGlobal?

Have you ever wondered how companies go global or how they started the process?

Depending on whom you ask, going into foreign markets can either be impossibly difficult and treacherous, or it’s an easy and logical jump because we live in a marvelously globalized world where ideas and goods flow freely. The truth is somewhere in the middle: expanding into foreign markets is definitely challenging, but more companies could be doing it if they only knew where to begin — and even the best could be doing it better.

While undertaking graduate courses in New Delhi, Julian Leuthold first began to notice that though there was so much that Americans and Indians had in common, there was also a great deal that separated them with differences.


There are obvious religious and cultural differences, but also the political and legal structure they have built up around themselves as a country. There are differentiating perceptions of what is permissible and what isn’t, ideas of what constitutes the good life, expectations of what technology should do, which languages should be spoken and when, and how to treat foreign ideas.

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Julian’s Indian friends and the contacts he made during his time there were diverse in opinions on nearly every subject except one: foreigners for the most part, and particularly Americans, do not understand them — they don’t get past the surface — and this affects every kind of interaction they have with India, most obviously in business.


Julian and his colleagues then founded Geoskope, a company created to help people understand India as a destination for business, but even that was misunderstood. Over the subsequent few years, Julian sought to understand how it was that companies made plans to go into foreign countries, and at what point did they go from being an aspirant to a successful multinational company.


His search yielded a stunning truth:


Companies are making common – and avoidable – mistakes.


Expansion happens in scattershot patterns, causing errors along the way, primarily because most companies have nowhere to go to learn how to expand internationally. These practical details can’t be taught in MBA textbooks and these vital relationships need to build naturally.


This begged the question: “What would it take to help companies make sense of the world according to their industry, and give them the relationships they would need in order to avail themselves of the many foreign market opportunities?”

There may yet be a perfect answer, but in a world where business begins and ends with people, there is no replacement for getting everyone in the same place at the same time. Shockingly, there has been no such event for business until now.

Enter GetGlobal.

GetGlobal was created to address the knowledge vacuum that exists for U.S. businesses seeking to expand to foreign markets. An interactive and dynamic forum for ideas and information, GetGlobal was designed to unite innovative, forward thinking U.S. companies who’d like to expand to other countries with the experts who can help take them there. With the knowledge gained at GetGlobal, U.S. companies will begin to possess the power to help them make smart and confident decisions about growing their businesses in foreign markets.


The world may look very different in a lot of places, and in a variety of ways, but GetGlobal will reach across those gaps to build understanding and relationships, and to help fulfill our shared desire to thrive in foreign markets.



“Foreign expansion. Sure, that sounds great. For the big guys.”

Such has been the creed of many a U.S. business owner. They love what they do and they are good at it. And they’d love to bring their goods and services to foreign markets. But it seems so complicated, so unattainable. Where to begin?


Get Started


GetGlobal is where U.S. companies can begin to get the knowledge, connections, and confidence they need to embark on expansion into other countries. GetGlobal 2017 will bring U.S. companies from varied industries together with the experts and information needed to make confident decisions about thriving in dynamic foreign markets.

An In-depth Survey of a World of Prospects

The GetGlobal 2017 agenda provides the perfect environment to meet and develop crucial relationships with real people who are responsible for making things happen in their respective countries. GetGlobal will present seminars led by international innovators and executives, popular thought leaders and influencers, with a well-crafted selection of themes to set you in the right direction.


How do I strategically internationalize my company? Will I need to train and/or augment staff in order to increase productivity? How will I command investment and minimize risk?


How do I manage issues like multiple taxes, currencies, compliance measures, and languages that arise when dealing with multiple countries?


How do I navigate foreign cultures, economies and technological landscapes? What are the local and regional variances? How are the competitive and regulatory environments different?


How do I learn the lay of the land, and acquire the ability to nimbly and effectively acquire necessary transportation, storage and distribution?


How do I comprehensively express, advertise, publicize and promote my value proposition in ways that foreign markets accept and even welcome?


How do I identify the key challenges and, often hidden, opportunities within the most valuable markets and devise a plan to meet them head-on?

Who is GetGlobal?

Our team is composed of a dedicated, diverse group of professionals that share a world view that is informed, optimistic and ambitious. We think globally and act globally, and have an earnest faith in American entrepreneurship and innovation and its international capacity.

Julian Leuthold

Julian is the founder and executive director for GetGlobal. He started its parent Geoskope in 2011 as a knowledge company focused on helping executives understand the Indian economy, business climate, and society. In 2013, Julian expanded Geoskope’s coverage to Mexico, but in the following year decided to pivot the company to focus entirely on GetGlobal and transform the firm into a media and event brand. His specialization has been in South Asian security, economics, and politics. He has consulted for financial and analytic firms. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California, with a degree in International Relations and Business. Prior to his time at USC, he worked in the entertainment and online media industry as the Southern California director of a diversified event, media, and marketing firm assisting Fortune 100 companies.

Carl Bendix

CEO and Executive Producer of Jupiter Ambrosia Productions, Carl Bendix has presided over projects spanning the worlds of entertainment, sports, education, the arts, government, corporations and elegant family gatherings both extravagant and intimate. As a creative force in the event industry for over three decades, Carl has been the catalyst at the center of initiatives, non-profit enterprises and entrepreneurial launches. Examples of this include The Governors’ Global Climate Summit, The Women’s Conference, the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball, and the California Hall of Fame Awards.

Hope Cloteaux

Hope Cloteaux is a producer, communication facilitator, and logistics manager playing a key role on many large productions including conferences, corporate events, non-profit fundraisers, galas and intimate gatherings. Some of those events include The Women’s Conferences, The Governors’ Global Climate Summits, The California Hall of Fame, Gala at Skibo Castle in Scotland, and International Trade Missions for the State of California. Her skills in program development, event rundowns, timelines, vendor negotiations, budgeting, staffing and logistics are essential for a successful event.

Carey Bradshaw

Carey Bradshaw, Co-CMO of GetGlobal 2017, is President and Co-Founder of Creative Butter and Hooter Holster. Carey brings 15 years of program development and management experience to this event. Her past work includes a mix of management and leadership positions with a variety of organizations, including Goldman Sachs, CBRE and Spectrum Health. Connect with Carey on LinkedIn.

George Bradshaw

George Bradshaw, Co-CMO, brings 20 years of marketing strategy and creative management to GetGlobal 2017. George currently holds the positions of EVP, Creative Director at Creative Butter, Co-Founder at Hooter Holster, and Mentor for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. His portfolio of work has been recognized internationally with a Cannes Lion and many other awards. Contact George at LinkedIn.

Andrew Butcher

Andrew Butcher is the Executive International Partner implementer  for Get Global 2017. Andrew was the International President and Publisher for Time and Fortune two of the worlds most distinguished and influential media brands. He was one of the founders of the Fortune Global CEO Forum an event that helps shape the worlds most important business conversations attracting the FORTUNE 500 and other key business and government leaders.

Kassy Perry

Kassy Perry oversees media relations and digital content strategies for GetGlobal. As President and CEO of Perry Communications Group, Kassy is a leader in the public affairs and communications industry on a wide spectrum of issues, including health care, business, entertainment and energy. Prior to founding Perry Communications Group, Kassy served as the primary communications strategist for two California governors.

Bonnie S. Kim

Bonnie Kim is an entrepreneur with extensive experience working with creatives, communities, and brands. She founded Freedom and Fashion, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization bringing awareness and resources to disenfranchised through culture shifting, arts-focused projects and multi-platform networking. Bonnie has a diverse background, from producing web shows and digital media projects, to managing political event campaigns, producing large scale cultural events, doing EB-5 Investment business work, teaching at Cal State University, and speaking at various events. Across all of her work, she has focused on bringing together content, community, influencers and brand engagements around both digital and physical venues.Established partnerships and sponsorships with major brands and organizations across 10 countries around fashion and culture. Holds a Master’s in Education from UCLA.

Megan Sette

Megan is the Founder and Managing Director of M Collaborative – a marketing collaborative that engages communities, online and offline. She is leading the charge on VIP attendance and strategic marketing partnerships for GetGlobal. Throughout her career she has worked with a range of brands, from fortune 500 companies, to NGOs, and has lent her consulting expertise to everything from apps, to political campaigns. Read more about Meg on LinkedIn.

Antony McGregor Dey

Antony is GetGlobal’s Marketing Director and is responsible for raising awareness of GetGlobal in the business community.  Antony brings 15+ years of B2B and B2C digital marketing experience. He is also the founder of eCommerce CMO a boutique marketing agency servicing eCommerce companies.

Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson is Creative Director for GetGlobal. An Emmy Award® winning filmmaker she has created large scale immersive experiences for galas and events locally and internationally. She is the founder of StudioHyphen and can be contacted at LinkedIn.

David J. Karl

David J. Karl is Geoskope’s co-founder & chief knowledge officer. He is also founding president of the Asia Strategy Initiative, a boutique analysis and advisory firm focused on the intersection of politics and economics, and leads its South Asia practice group.

He previously served as director of studies at the Pacific Council on International Policy and was project director of the Joint Task Force on Enhancing India-U.S. Cooperation in the Global Innovation Economy organized by the Pacific Council and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry. He also has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California and Occidental College, an elite liberal arts institution in Los Angeles.

Greg Song

Greg Song, Associate of GetGlobal, is a partnerships and development strategist at Refugee Cities. Greg has worked closely with premier global membership organizations in Los Angeles, fostering a professional network with the Asia Society, Berggruen Institute, World Trade Center, and Pacific Council on International Policy.

Julia Spiess Lewis

Julia Spiess Lewis manages media relations and digital content for GetGlobal. As Perry Communications Group’s Senior Vice President, Julia specializes in issues management and brings fifteen years of strategic communications development and project implementation to this event. Julia created and led statewide campaigns, including the “Why Travel Matters” public affairs program for Visit California.

Stan Stalnaker

Stan Stalnaker is Founding Director of Hub Culture, the Ven digital currency and HubID digital identity system. He is also Member of the Board and Communications Chair of the Digital Asset Transfer Authority, the premier selfregulatory organization for digital assets. As an author and commentator, his expertise on P2P economies, digital currency, internet identity and social globalisation are regularly found in major consumer media and private consultation with the world’s leading companies.

Karim Palmieri
Karim Palmieri is Director of International Development for GetGlobal. He brings over 12 years experience in emerging markets marketing and strategic communications.

Karim started his career at Time Inc, where he worked with governments agencies and Fortune 500 companies on their campaigns and strategic positioning, before moving to Morocco to lead International Relations at Casablanca Finance City.


Karim is currently Managing Director of Quadrian Global & Victory Capital Advisors, based in London and Paris, targeting public and private sector investments into Africa and the Middle East. He has collaborated on numerous FDI strategies and has a deep understanding of requirements for business in emerging markets.


Karim holds a B.Sc. in Management and an MBA in Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging Markets from the London School of Economics.

Stuart Patterson

As a commercial illustrator and graphic designer, Stuart has created branding and campaigns for such international concerns as American Express, BMW, Honda, MasterCard, JetBlue, Moët et Chandon, Wallpaper Magazine and Burton Snowboards. He’s principal at Colorola, a creative agency located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

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GetGlobal participants will have exclusive access to our GetGlobal Networking App. Whether you are an attendee, speaker or sponsor, you will benefit from the enhanced connectivity with deep social networking we have created for this event.


Hub Culture pavilions have appeared at

  • COP 21 — UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Conference of Parties; Paris, Copenhagen, Durban
  • World Economic Forum Davos, Switzerland   
  • New York Fashion Week, New York, NY  
  • Cannes Film Festival, France
  • Governor’s Global Climate Summit Davis, CA