Canada Super Session


Although Canada is an entirely different country, it neighbors the United States and follows many of our own cultural practices. Growing a business internationally can always be difficult but when such an excellent partner is so close, it might make the experience easier. Canada is the largest export market for U.S goods in the Los Angeles area. Its geographic proximity, common language, and stable legal and regulatory environment makes Canada an extremely accessible market for American companies that are ready to take the step of going international. Attend this super session to learn more about Canada’s high consumer receptivity for U.S.-made goods, services, and dense network of bilateral trade agreements that bring ease to small and medium size firms looking to increase their reach.


Friday, October 21, 2016

1:45 pm – 3:00 pm

Olympic 2




Stephen D. Armstrong – Co-Founder, MAPLE Business Council







Robert Kelle –  Co-Founder, MAPLE Business Council







Rachel Horning – Policy Manager, Los Angeles County Business Federation (moderator)





Robert LaPlante  –  Founder & President, Media-Corps







Timothy Liu – Senior Director, Commercial Strategy, Air Canada







Tina Shih – Consul and Trade Commissioner, Consul General Office of Canada in Los Angeles


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