Country Risk: Analyzing & Managing Today’s Risks




Country risk — whether political, economic, social, or external — has always been difficult to accurately evaluate and manage in the emerging and developing world, but in recent years with the rise of terrorism in Europe, the shock of Brexit, increasing calls for nationalist policies around the world, disagreements over who owns data and what can or should be secret, and even questions surrounding political stability in the United States, the discipline of thinking analytically about a country’s risks and their relevance to your operations has never been more important.


This session will discuss the risks facing companies in a variety of territories today, and how to position your company proactively and defensively to protect against those risks’ effects.


Thursday, October 20

5:15 pm – 6:15 pm

Olympic 1





Elaine Carey – Managing Director Global Risk & Investigations, FTI Consulting





Curtis Ingram
– Vice President, Political Risk Practice, Aon Crisis Management






Joel Whitaker – Senior Vice President, Global Head of Research, Frontier Strategy Group





Julian Leuthold – CEO & Executive Producer, GetGlobal (moderator)

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