Customs & Corruption: Getting to Market Efficiently & Reliably


International traders and transportation companies are often confronted with complex and confusing customs and other government agency requirements for entry into market. This panel of customs attorneys and a global compliance professional will explore such challenges. Mr. Fochesato will discuss the European Union’s new Uniform Customs Code, which sets forth new customs rules for the EU. Mr. Garcia Seimandi will address customs issues for Mexico and Ms. Allen will give us a global perspective as VP for Global Compliance for FedEx Networks. The program will be moderated by Evelyn Suarez, Esq., a recognized U.S. customs lawyer.


Friday, October 21

11:15 am – 12:30 pm

Olympic 2





Cindy Allen
– Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance, FedEx Trade Networks






Alejandro García Seimandi – Partner, García Seimandi Flores & Villeda






Enea Fochesato
– Founding Partner, Jus&Trade, Fochesato Law Firm







Evelyn Suarez – Founder, The Suarez Firm (Moderator)







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