India Super Session


The country’s growth potential, driven by a rising middle class, increased urbanization , and the world’s largest population of millennials, has increasingly drawn the attention of foreign companies One result of this development is a staggering increase in the size of the Indian retail market and the world’s fast-growing e-commerce sector. Renewables is another sector that is ripe for foreign companies. However, deep challenges including antiquated labor laws; an ambiguous, complex and even contradictory legal and regulatory environment; and a maddeningly-inadequate infrastructure system that imposes inefficiencies and other costs can make India an exasperating place to do business, even for veterans. Come to this session and get insights from our experts from these key industries who can highlight the opportunities in the most promising sectors and how to succeed in spite of its challenges.

The way I look at a country is what are its prospects over the next 20-30 years, and India’s are good.” – JP Morgan chairman, Jamie Dimon


Thursday October 20

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Gold 3







Tejpreet Chopra – President & CEO at Bharat Light & Power







Adrian Mutton – Founder & CEO, Sannam S4 Group & U.S. Business Centers (moderator)






Sid Shah – Principal, BCG Digital Ventures







Karan Wadhera – Managing Director, Casa Verde Capital








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