Insuring Your International Contracts and Operations


1. PROTECTING YOUR CONTRACTS: Are you doing business with the governments of other countries? How can you protect your company against non-performance or non-honoring of your agreements with these customers or partners?


This panel will explain political risk insurance policies that protect against contract frustration or repudiation, including capricious or arbitrary order withdrawals, nonpayment defaults, license cancellations, wrongful calling of bonds, and other risks.


2. PROTECTING YOUR ASSETS: Does your company have assets or investments in other countries? How can you protect against government actions or political events that might result in destruction, damage, business interruption, or deprivation of your rights in your collateral?


This panel will explain political risk insurance that protects overseas assets against expropriation, confiscation, nationalization, currency inconvertibility and transfer risks, war, insurrections, strikes, civil strife, and other political violence.


Friday, October 20

1:45 pm – 3:00 pm

Olympic 3






Sean Dunphy – Vice President, Political Risk, AIG





Curtis Ingram – Vice President, Political Risk Practice, Aon Crisis Management






Gary Mendell – President, Meridian Finance Group (Moderator)

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