Mobile Trends Across Markets — A Look into 2017


The mobile phone is the key to driving so much commerce, discovery, and interaction in the world today. But the mobile phone means different things to different consumers. In India, it often takes the place of a computer, and it is expected to serve a variety of functions that users in the West generally wouldn’t consider — especially in the domain of banking where there have been major developments in recent years. In China, behaviors around mobile phones have leaped ahead of the US — payments, ticketing, shopping, and similar activities are all more seamless in the Chinese mobile experience. And in Southeast Asia, the ease of ordering online along with advances in logistics has revolutionized how consumers shop, giving them more choices and creating massive opportunities for American companies — where there is mobile infrastructure. While in Africa, there have been major innovations in cross-border payments that are intuitive, easy to use, and simple enough to use on a feature phone. Come to this session for a tour of mobile trends around the world, and see how your company can survive and thrive in the evolving global mobile landscape.



5:15 pm – 6:15pm

Diamond 1






William Bao Bean – Partner, SOSV, Managing Director, Chinaccelerator, and Managing Director, MOX






Kyle Ellicott – Chief Labs Officer and Co-Founder, Wearable IoT World and Wearable IoT World Labs






Shawn Xu – International Expansion, Square







Rebecca Fannin – Founder & Editor, Silicon Dragon and Contributor to Forbes (moderator)






Mike Prasad – Managing Director & Founding Partner, ventureLab







Lin Shearer – Advisor, FoyerLive

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