The New Global Middle Class: What Do They Want and How Can You Give It To Them?


Poverty reduction has been one of the greatest achievements of the past century, and the middle class around the world is as large as it has ever been, and growing, bringing ever greater buying power and opportunity along with it. Yet the picture and growth trajectory of the middle class varies widely from country to country, as living standards do not follow similar income brackets across all markets. The middle class around the world wants the best they can find — from medical care, to products for their babies, to education, to entertainment — and American companies are in a fantastic position to deliver it to them.


Friday, October 21

3:15 pm – 4:15 pm

Plaza 2






Jeremy Goldkorn – Founder & Director, Danwei





Ferdinando Guerra
– Senior Economist, Professor of Economics and Political Science






Julian Leuthold – CEO & Executive Producer, GetGlobal (moderator)







Joel Whitaker – Senior Vice President, Global Head of Research, Frontier Strategy Group

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