Clare  Seelke


Over fifteen years of experience in research and analysis on U.S.-Latin American relations, security issues in Latin America, U.S. foreign assistance, and political developments in Mexico and Central America. Twelve years experience working as a non-partisan expert authoring memoranda and reports to address Congressional queries on countries such as Mexico and El Salvador, as well as regional topics, such as Gangs in Central America and the Mérida Initiative. Testified before Congress on U.S.-Mexican security cooperation in May 2013. Collaborates with government officials, academic experts, foreign embassies and others in Latin American affairs and has experience working for the U.S. Department of State and USAID. In addition, has co-taught courses at the University of Maryland on responding to global challenges and given seminars for U.S. foreign services officers at the Foreign Studies Institute in Virginia.


Ms. Seelke is speaking in:

Mexican Security: Keeping Your Employees & Operations Safe