Humphrey Ho


Born to Chinese parents, Humphrey Ho established his reputation as a business leader early in life when he founded and sold the social network enterprise Speechbobble at age 23.


Now, Mr. Ho has joined Hylink as Managing Director of their new US office, located in Los Angeles, CA, becoming an integral part of the company’s strategic partnerships, business development, talent deployment, internalization, and globalization processes – helping brands both in China and in the US better navigate each market. Mr. Ho brings with him a wealth of international branding experience across the automotive, tech, fashion, and travel industries, and his unique business background has truly been essential to the work of spearheading efforts in content licensing, digital media acquisitions,  and partnerships.


Prior to joining Hylink USA, Mr. Ho captured new local partners and clientele as Business Director at Wieden+Kennedy, and was the Director of Business Operations at the creative agency Leagas Delaney Shanghai, for which he helped transform from a project-based enterprise to a top-quality strategic, and creative retainer.


Not one to rest on his laurels, the talented mogul also established a position as Strategic Partnerships Leader for Google, where he led  and executed key programmatic efforts for their mobile and video platforms. With achievements recognized by the business world at large, Mr. Ho was awarded the ‘Top 30 Under 30’ award in 2009, and for the past four years has served as a China lecturer for business schools, where he seeks to empower the next generation of business leaders.


Mr. Ho is speaking in:

Global Industry Outlook: Travel, Tourism, Hospitality