Isaac Larian


Isaac Larian founded MGA Entertainment in 1979 and built it into the largest private toy company in the world. In 1984, MGA Entertainment became the first official distributor of Nintendo handheld LCD games in the United States, and in 2001, MGA Entertainment launched the Bratz line of dolls that revolutionized the doll industry. In 2006, MGA Entertainment acquired the iconic brand Little Tikes diversifying the company into toys for preschoolers and younger children. Mr. Larian is also the majority shareholder of Zapf Creations, AG headquarters in Rodental, Germany. Zapf brands include Baby Born and Baby Annabell.


Mr. Larian’s vision continues to lead MGA Entertainment into new frontiers of consumer entertainment and he is still at the forefront of the development and creation of the company’s toys. MGA Entertainment is a global toy company with headquarters in Van Nuys, CA and offices in Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland, Hong Kong, and China. Roughly 30 to 35 percent of the company’s toy sales are outside the United States. Brands under the MGA Entertainment portfolio include: Little Tikes, Lalaloopsy, Project Mc2, Num Noms, Bratz, and Gel-a-Peel.


Reflecting Mr. Larian success and innovation in the industry, he was named the United States winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2007, after winning nationally in his category, Retail & Consumer Products, for 2007, and locally in 2004. Mr. Larian is very active in several charitable foundations that focus on helping children.


Prior to founding MGA Entertainment, Mr. Larian imported textiles and brassware through his own mail- order company. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from California State University, Los Angeles, and was awarded their Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2005.