Jane Booth


Jane Booth is a Senior Direct of Sales Globalization-Partners, the 6th fastest growing company in the US according to the Inc. 5000. Ms. Booth has a passion for helping her clients scale their overseas operations by removing red tape, and helping them find the fastest and most effective way to bring new employees on board. She spent nearly five years working for High Street Partners, advising CFOs, controllers and VPs of HR on how to expand in over 60 countries from a payroll, accounting, tax, HR and compliance perspective. Before she relocated to the US from the UK, she worked in London as a headhunter, primarily helping US companies to locate the best talent to build out their pan-European organizations. She is therefore acutely aware of the cultural differences that US firms encounter in doing business overseas.


Ms. Booth is speaking in:

Globig: International Growth Acceleration for Fast Growing Startups and SMBs