Kyle Ellicott


Kyle Ellicott is the Co-Founder and Chief Labs Officer of Wearable IoT World, a San Francisco-based company dedicated to creating the social fabric for businesses around wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. The company is focused on connecting technological experts, thought-leaders, corporate/startup executives, and investors as they build these emerging technologies through fostering dynamic relationships between brands, businesses, and bright minds. Originally from Michigan, Mr. Ellicott is a lifelong entrepreneur who started building computers for clients at the age of 15 and worked his way through college in a variety of IT roles, including networking, security, and forensics. His passion for innovation led to his founding of several startup companies, including a media company and prominent digital agency. His leadership in the wearables and IoT space led to co-founding of Wearable IoT World Labs, a division of Wearable IoT World, which is the world’s first accelerator/incubator blend solely focused on wearables and IoT. Mr. Ellicott is a noted speaker, consultant, and published author with over 10 years of technical and product experience with such companies as Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Eventup, and TechZulu.


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