Li Jing


Li Jing is the CEO and founder of JingLi US, a leading global marketing and business investment firm in New York.  It connects top 1% of US and China in business, media and technology as well as helps Chinese in overseas business investment. Under Ms. Jing’s leadership. the company has grown rapidly and successfully served clients and partners including IBM, GE, Elliman, Fox, NBC, Google, Morgan Stanley, Flatiron Hotel, Dai & Associates, Sina, and General Agriculture.


Li US has an exclusive network among billionaires and the Forbes 100 in China and US. With their deep understanding of both cultures and always put their clients first, JingLi US has become the go to source for high net worth Chinese in their US business.


Ms. Jing is considered the first native Chinese speaker hired by CBS News in New York as a lead producer, soon after she arrived in America speaking little English. She is a social media influencer in US and China with millions of views on her Chinese video shows on American lifestyle. Ms. Jing was voted #1 in America during the 2010 Paradise Hunter global TV host contest. She has won several modeling and pageants in China including the first Internet TV host in China. Jing received a scholarship from Duquesne University for her M.A. in Public Policy.