Robert Sun


Robert Sun combines impressive diplomatic, executive and management achievements in US and China government relations, high level business joint ventures and medical device, pharmaceutical, energy, food industry, real estate and so on. Mr. Sun received his BA from Zhejiang University in China in 1977. He worked for the Chinese government in foreign services for 6 years as a diplomat. For one and half a year he served as Executive Assistant to Guangxi University President before coming to U.S.A.  He got his MBA from the University of California at Riverside in 1986. After graduation he worked for two companies, U.S. China Enterprises Inc. and Biosafety Systems Inc. a medical supply company.


Since 1989 Mr. Sun has built five of his own companies in international trade, distribution and manufacturing in the area of medical & dental  supply, medical device, sanitary, personal care, sealing tapes and so on. Mr. Sun has also been engaged in investment projects that bring the best of US leading technology to combine with China vast market and capital. Mr. Sun has successfully put together Joint Venture in medical devices. He has been also engaged in taking the U.S. team to China to build heart & vascular hospitals and through his connection and high level government relationship, the U.S. team has successfully obtain hospital license approval from provincial, central government Ministry of Public Health and endorsement by the Governor of Shandong Province.


In 1996 he and other 4 Chinese business friends from China initiated and founded the Chinese CEO Organization in the U.S.  He served as director for 3 terms and as president for 2 terms. In 2005 Mr. Sun founded a new association called American-Chinese CEO Society , ( and the member & event website to serve main stream U.S. companies and Chinese companies and has been  the founding  Chairman and President ever since. And membership is open to all company CEOs who are engaged in doing business between USA and China in all areas. Over the last 25 years, he has built a strong network of international, government, business and academic contacts. He is widely respected in the government and business circles, and has been invited to give guest lectures to many academic, government, and business conferences.


Mr. Sun has been nominated as Economic Advisor to Many provinces and cities in China including Liaoning, Dalian, Yingkou, Shandong, Jinan, Weihai, Jilin, Zhejiang, and Ningbo, Jiangxi and so on. Mr. Sun has also been nominated to the Asian American Congressional Advisory Committee to Linda Sanchez, Board Director on The University of California Riverside School of Business Administration Dean’s Advisory Council since 2009.  As he is highly regarded by the Chinese Government at all levels, Mr. Sun has been invited to the State Grand celebration ceremony, State Banquet and meet with top State leaders at the National Day Celebration.   As President of Chinese CEO Organization and American-Chinese CEO Society, Mr. Sun led US CEO delegation to China numerous times for official visits and met with China State Leaders, Ministers, Provincial Governors, City Mayors and business leaders.


In 2006, Mr. Sun was invited by the White House to the U.S. President Welcome Ceremony for the visiting President of China Hu Jing Tao and his official delegation at the White House.  In 2012, Mr. Sun participated in welcoming Chinese new leader President Xi Jin Ping and his delegation in Los Angeles at the US China Trade Summit and the grand banquet.  In September of 2015, Mr. Sun was invited to the welcoming banquet for President Xi Jinpin in Seattle with other Chinese community leaders from Los Angeles. Mr. Sun led a delegation to Seattle and except attended the banquet led the delegation to observe the Roundtable Meeting of U.S. and Chinese businesses. The ACCS delegation was the only non-participating delegation in the said meeting.


Through all these years, Mr. Sun has maintained high level contacts and friendship with many leaders in China, both government and business. His contact includes China’s top leaders in the state government, People’s Congress, and CEO’s of many of the largest corporations in China. Mr. Sun is well respected in China’s elite circle, and has been invited to give lectures to Chinese officials, and business schools. Mr. Sun has been interviewed by multiple China well-known news agency, such as Chinadaily,, Xinhua News, Global Times, and also  magazines,, Zhejiang Business Men,, Qiao uan  and many other news media including TV stations.


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