The Honorable Spencer Abraham


Secretary Spencer Abraham is Chairman and CEO of The Abraham Group, an international strategic consulting firm focused on the energy sector and based in Washington, DC.


Spencer Abraham is the former U.S. Secretary of Energy, having been appointed by President Bush as the tenth and longest-serving Energy Secretary in U.S. history.


He began his tenure in the midst of a severe energy crisis that included the California blackouts, declining domestic energy supplies, and insufficient international energy trade opportunities. In response, he helped President Bush devise America’s first national energy plan in over a decade and oversaw its implementation. As part of this plan, he led efforts to broaden America’s international energy partnerships, working with China, Japan, Russia, the EU, countries in South America and Africa, and certain OPEC nations. Secretary Abraham has been a close observer of world energy markets, and under his leadership, the Department of Energy (“DOE”) conducted a number of important short and long-term studies of world oil, gas, electricity, and other markets.


Domestically, he spearheaded the DOE’s high-tech efforts in the areas of hydrogen fuel cell research and the development and expansion of clean coal technology programs, and provided a strong voice for the reemergence of safe nuclear power. According to the Presidential Management Agenda scorecard, the DOE went from “worst to first” of well-run agencies under Secretary Abraham’s leadership.


In commenting on his tenure as Secretary of Energy, The Washington Times sang his praises, writing that he “inherited a large and unwieldy agency in post-Cold War drift. He bequeaths [his successor] something much better. Mr. Abraham led his agency with distinction and high integrity.” Faced almost immediately with the energy and safety issues of the post-9/11 world, Secretary Abraham distinguished himself by revitalizing and refocusing the DOE on the new homeland security challenges our country faced. He saw to the safety of America’s nuclear stockpiles while he played a key international role by dramatically expanding the DOE’s focus on nuclear nonproliferation programs, negotiating with Russia and other former Soviet states. He created new safeguarding plans that The Washington Post called “great gifts to the nation from Abraham.”


Prior to being Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham served a U.S. Senator from Michigan for six years. In the Senate, he was a member of the Senate Commerce, Judiciary, and Budget Committees, and served as chairman of the Senate Immigration Subcommittee and the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Manufacturing and Competitiveness. He was also a senior official in the Administration of former President George H.W. Bush as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Vice President.


Secretary Abraham is a periodic contributor of op-ed articles to the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Weekly Standard, and other publications, as well as a frequent guest commentator on FOX News, CNN, and Bloomberg TV.


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