Stan Stalnaker


Stan Stalnaker is Founding Director of Hub Culture, the Ven digital currency and HubID digital identity system. He is also Member of the Board and Communications Chair of the Digital Asset Transfer Authority, the premier selfregulatory organization for digital assets. As an author and commentator, his expertise on P2P economies, digital currency, internet identity and social globalisation are regularly found in major consumer media and private consultation with the world’s leading companies.


Ven is an Internet Reserve Currency derived from a basket of commodities, currencies and carbon futures, making it the world’s first green monetary system. Highly stable, Ven was the first digital currency to enter the global financial system, was the first private currency trading on regulated FX exchanges, with over 500 million exchanged. Ven is at the forefront of the new virtual currency funds industry, with projects ranging from commodities to microfinance.


In 2009 the Hub Culture network launched Pavilions, member based retail experiences providing workspace, knowledge services and online collaboration tools. To date over 25 Pavilions have appeared on five continents, hosting over 65,000 guests. The Pavilions operate with Ven, used as tender at any Pavilion or traded among members for activities and merchandise.


Hub Culture Pavilions now exist in key urban centers and at major events, while the Ven interfaces with the global financial system via Ven.VC. Hub Culture is one of the world’s most influential private networks, with regular fundraising and event based activities, a news content system geared around online micropayments, collaboration tools that merge locations with the web, and engagement with social leaders worldwide through a consulting service called knowledge brokerage.


Mr. Stalnaker’s views on P2P were named the lead Breakthrough Idea of 2008 by the Harvard Business Review, and other writings have appeared in the New York Times online, GQ, TechCrunch, Internationalist, CNN Bespoke, Washington Post, PSFK and other publications.


Hub Culture has been heavily featured in consumer media, including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fortune, Wired, Forbes, TIME, Bloomberg and countless websites and blogs. In 2009, he was named a British American Project Fellow, a collection of leaders of distinction from Britain and the USA.


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Global Industry Outlook: Travel, Tourism, Hospitality